Sunday, April 6, 2008

I am an adult now

Do you remember how long Conference used to take? I remember the dreaded words, "Kids, Conference is next Sunday." I used to hate it! But, at some point I became an adult and now I treasure those two weekends every year! I get up and shower before it starts so that I can sit and enjoy hearing those wonderful brethern and sisters teach me how to be better. So, today when Vilate came out and said, "Conference is boring" and "Conference is taking a hundred years," I realized that I have changed. I am a real adult!! My kids think of me as an old lady!! I really can empathize with Vilate, I remember those days. But now, I really love conference. I think those old guys are so super cute and they have great things to say!! I can't wait until the day that Vilate is old like me and loves conference!!


Tami said...

No kidding... conference weekends are my favorite!

Barbara said...

Yes, you are an adult now. I felt the same way. Read all about baseball. Fun fun fun. I was sad when Kenny finished playing baseball-it was the end of an era. And now he is getting married!
Love, Mom