Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baseball - Game Count 5 down, 27 to go!!!

We survived opening day!! It was a blast. We started the day by taking pictures and attending a pancake breakfast. There were tons of people and it took us about 30 minutes to get through the line. Once we got the pancakes, the kids had a whopping 5 minutes to scarf down their food and make it onto the field to line up with their teams. Then we had opening ceremonies. The kids all ran out onto the other baseball field with their teams!! It was freezing and by the time opening ceremonies were almost over, I was really feeling sorry for the coaches who were trying to get the kids, ages 5 - 16, to stay quiet and pay attention! After it was over, we gathered all the kids and headed back to the car!

A few hours later we returned to the fields for Faith's game. I had to make a mad dash, Faith's game and Hyrum's friend's birthday party started at the same time. So I dropped Faith off early and then drove, very calmly, over to another park and dropped off Hyrum. I made it back to the baseball field hoping that I had not missed my daughter's first at bat only to find out that their game was late getting started. In fact, 30 minutes later we still had not started!! Once they finally got going, Faith had a marvelous time. She looks like a baseball player!! As you can see she is on the Yankees. She had her second game yesterday, and she was so pleased with herself! She was the first one in yesterday's game to get someone out! It was an awesome play. I think that she has found her sport.
After Faith's opening game, we ran over to get Hyrum from the party and then home to get his cup. You see, I got a call from the coach's wife asking if Hyrum would please play catcher. I said sure. Only the catcher has to wear a cup in T-Ball. I had not yet told Hyrum about it and I don't think he even knew what a cup was. That was a fun conversation!! After he was told about it, he was less than thrilled with playing catcher and has since said that he will not be playing catcher ever again!! Unfortunately, he will have to, and he wasn't happy when I told him that!!
Vilate is really enjoying playing the game. She is one of only two girls on the team. If you ever happen to attend one of their games, she will be the only kid with her had on backwards. She thinks that it looks really cool! She gets bored easily and would prefer it if she was the only one ever up to bat!! She can't wait for the next game, she gets to be catcher and she really wants to tag all the kids out!!
Helaman is really bummed that he is not old enough to play. Lucky for us the coach of the A's T-Ball team (Vilate's and Hyrum's team) is a friend of ours from church. He lets Helaman help with the practices, Helaman gets all the balls that the other kids can't quite get and then at the end of practice Helaman gets to hit a few balls off the tee. It is really fun!! Helaman loves baseball and it is really nice that he gets to be the unofficial bat boy!
By the end of opening day, the kids were beat, so was the mom!! Gloria fell asleep in the car on the way to the final game and then stayed asleep in the stroller through the entire game. It was really nice for me because David had to work and by then, I had chased Gloria enough. Nephi loved the bleachers and it did not take long for him to figure out how to climb up on the lowest one. He loves to explore and he really seems to enjoy eating rocks!!
So now we have completed 5 games out of 32!! YEA!!!!!!!!

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