Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Few Great Days

Sunday was the kids primary program! It was so awesome. For those who don't know: primary is what we call the kids program at church - kids 3 - 11 are in the primary. One Sunday a year they share what they have learned with the rest of the congregation in a Sacrament Meeting (the meeting where we all get together every Sunday). The kids sit up on the stand and sing songs and all get up, one at a time, and tell something in the microphone. It is really cute and the kids are so excited to "perform" and show what they have been learning in primary. I had 5 kids participating in the program this year. Faith, Hyrum and Vilate wrote their own talks and Helaman and Gloria recited a prepared comment. Gloria only lasted on the stand for the first half and then she just couldn't sit still anymore, so I got to go up and sit with her. The kids all did a fantastic job! I look forward to it every year!

Monday was a good day as well. In the morning I was totally lazy and watched mindless TV with the Helaman, Gloria and Nephi. Then Helaman left for school (thanks Krissy for the ride!). When he left we decided to do a craft. I got out the fun scissors, some glue, crayons, colored pencils and fun paper and Gloria and Nephi had a blast making a card for some of their friends - they might never make it to the friends, because I am not sure where they put them - but we had a really fun time making them. It was so nice to just be a mom for a while and do something with the kiddos. Then I took them with me to the hearing aid doctor and got my hearing aids adjusted - they are working great, by the way. Nephi slept through the whole thing in the stroller and Gloria was a model child. After we got home the big kids were finishing up homework (thanks to Lisa for bringing them home). Then Faith and I made apple crisp for FHE dessert. We ate dinner and had FHE then ate a delicious dessert!! It was a great day.

Today was the absolute frosting on the cake!! I started out the day dropping kids at school, Nathan's house (thanks Dawn), and then preschool - Nephi didn't cry for the first time!!!! Then I studied for the next almost 2 hours. I went to my class where we reviewed for the test on Thursday and then I met with the Speech Pathology Junior screener - here's where it gets good!!! We - David and I - have been a little concerned. I am a Speech Pathology major - think speech therapist. Well, you kinda have to hear to help people with their speech and I am kinda losing my hearing. I was so upset when my hearing started to go, because I just made up my mind on my major in March or April. I finally knew what I wanted to be when I was gonna grow up and now I was concerned that these stupid things called cancer and chemo were once again throwing my life off course. Okay, so today I met with Lynda Oldenburg - the junior screener. She looked at my hearing test and called in the audiologist - Jim - and they both said that there is not a problem. In fact they commended me on being proactive and having a positive attitude. Jim actually also scheduled me for another hearing test with my hearing aids in to see where I hear aided. So I go do that on Thursday morning before class. I am sooooooo excited that they both encouraged me to continue. I was really concerned and now I don't have to be anymore!!!! Then to top off the day I got a blood transfusion. I know sounds bad - but it really isn't. It was good for me. I joke that it is like a drug - kind of a "pick-me-up." During the transfusion, which took almost 4 hours, I read my psychology book and got a nap! When I got home I had tons of energy - enough to make pancakes for dinner while I unloaded the dishwasher and I didn't even have to have a chair in the kitchen! It was fantastic!!!

So as you can see it has been a great few days!!! Tomorrow is Wednesday and my break day. David will take the kids to school and the little two to preschool and Helaman and I will hang out in the morning. Once he leaves for school I will have a few hours to myself - homework time!! I am loving school and loving the new schedule. Things here are great!!!!!