Saturday, October 27, 2007

WOW!! Lot's of stuff!

Allright! The last week has been a fun-filled busy one!! Last Saturday was Faith & Hyrum's play. They perfomed The Tempest. The play was an adaptation written by an elementary school teacher of the Shakespeare play. It was really fun!! Faith was Prospero (yes she played a boy!!)

Hyrum played Caliban!! It was so cool. The play was awesome for a bunch of little kids. It was especially cool because they did not use elaborate sets. In fact their sets consisted of tree branches that two kids would hold in front of their faces to be trees, and a bunch of metal folding chairs. The kids had simple costumes. It was all about imagination!!

After the play we got to have fun at the jamboree. There were children performing such things as gymnastics and dances. They played music, of course the kids were excited to hear the favorite : "Cha Cha Slide"!!! At their school this has become a very popular song!! The crowning moment for Vilate came when she got to take this picture with her friend...Darth Vader. So here is Darth Vader and Darth Vilater!!!

Helaman got excited when we got to jump in the bounce house and go down the slide many, many, many, many times. He also got a stack of free coupons of food and was thrilled when he got his own can of Sprite and a plate of baked beans. Gloria had fun, but by the end she was worn out!!

It was a very fun, and totally tiring day for Mom. I was so glad to see the car when we were done!!

I have started my classes at ARC and am really enjoying them. I am taking World Music and English 301. The English class makes me nervous....I hate writing essays, but there is this new program that AR English professors offer. It is FREE one on one tutoring with one of them. It is a .5 unit class and they will meet with you as often as you want and give you any help that you need throughout the semester. I am excited!!

Okay, some more random stuff...we finally did a photo shoot of here is one of the best pictures...not that any are's hard to get a bad shot when you have such a handsome subject!!!

Tonight was our Stake Trunk-or-Treat. It was really fun, crazy, busy and FULL of kids!! It started at 6:30 and I got the costumes finished at 6:40. Pretty good timing. Today was also the school carnival and I would be a terrible spouse if I didn't brag to everyone about my awesome hubby!! He braved the school carnival and all it's chaos with all 6 kids, including Nephi the one that refuses a bottle!! I dropped them off at 12:30 and off I went to school. I did not return until 4:10. When I got there the kids were all there, safe, having a great time with a bunch of candy and toys that they had won at the carnival games. Way to go Dave!! You are brave!! They had a marvelous time!!

So, now the costumes are done, the kids are in bed, I have done the dishes, it is time to fold laundry and go to bed!!! Ya know, my job is never complete. There is never a time when I can say that I am done. Mom's are great!!