Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So the doctor's office called this morning and asked if I could come in today instead of Friday. We called a friend to watch all the kiddos (thanks Robyn) and headed out to Rancho Cordova. We met with the doctor and I had to sign a form stating that I understood the risks of the radiation and then off to get tattoos we went. I have 3 more - one on my stomach - right at the bottom of my sternum, and then one on each side about the same distance down on my torso. Let me tell you it was pretty exciting! - being a rebel that is. Just kidding. But they did hurt more this time then I remember them hurting last time.

I will start radiation on Monday afternoon and then I will go for 14 more days in the mornings. They will then follow-up with scans and bloodwork to make sure all is well. Here we go!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's a slower busy!

We have been enjoying our summer and are over half-way through with it. We have been swimming - not as much as I have wanted, but some. The kids have been cleaning out their rooms - we went through all the kids drawers and have bags in the car on their way to DI. We have thrown away many broken toys and books and even with all that work - those kids still have way too much stuff!!!

Faith and Vilate are involved in a local group that is putting a play together. They were just cast in the show - Vilate has a lot of lines to memorize and Faith is singing a solo in the show. They are really enjoying it and go twice a week in the mornings.

The rest of the time at our house has been spent playing video games, reading books from the local library, watching a lot (way too much) TV, cleaning house, clearing out drawers and closets and throwing away a bunch of junk! On Wednesday and Thursday here at the apartments there are scheduled activities for kids from 10:30am - 2:30pm. They have a blast playing games and even doing work (math, reading, etc.). They actually said it was fun to do school work over there!

We are planning on going to the State Fair next week. Gloria wants to have a birthday party and Hyrum wants a sleepover for his birthday - we shall see if either of those activities come to fruition.

We have had lots of appointments and places to be, but it has been a lot less than at the end of the school year and we are enjoying the slower pace.

34 days until school starts!! I only know that because Helaman just asked me to count :). He is so excited to be starting 1st grade!! I am so proud of that kid - all of them really. Helaman has become quite the reader and loves to read to anyone that will listen. Every morning the kids all read the "Book of Mormon Reader" together. Helaman can read a whole page by himself and he is so proud of himself. So cool to see!!