Saturday, October 13, 2007

Crazy Busy Week

Well, another Saturday gone by with not much accomplished. How is it that I seem to be on the go all day long yet nothing ever seems done? I guess that is not quite true...we went to 2 stores, did 2 loads of laundry (with 5 more waiting), went to a party for a friend that is going into the army (Hyrum was excited..."She's going to be an army girl?!?!?! Cool!"), took David to work, cleaned the toys and junk off the floors of the kids rooms and the front room, bathed 5 of the 6 kids, did the dishes, fed people, and of course...most important...I made brownies for my sweet, overworked, tired husband. So it seems I got a lot of things done...there is just always SO much to do!!

The last week was a little crazy around here. We did not have a phone for 5 days...there was a problem with the outside line and the phone company kept missing the appointments to fix it. It sure was quiet around here. I must admit that I enjoyed the lack of phone ringing that I usually hear all day long. While our phone was out, the boiler at our apartment complex died. It was the original it was old. We had no water for one day and no hot water for 4 days. I had to boil water to make the bath water lukewarm for the kids. I am SO glad that I am not living on the praire with a bunch of kids. I LOVE MY HOT WATER!!! I must commend my brave husband, he showered twice in the FREEZING water. I boiled water the second day and I really tried to get into the shower on the third day, but it was SO COLD. I thought that I was going to freeze to death and seeing as I was the only adult here, David was at school, I figured that I should not risk death...there were kids sleeping at the time!! So I did the best I could with a wash cloth. The minute that I had hot water I was in that shower and boy, it was wonderful!!!

Add to all that the disappointment of my 3rd grader. Faith was all set to go on an overnight fieldtrip to Camp Winthers, up in the mountains. The morning before the fieldtrip the school got a call that Camp Winthers was under 6 inches of snow, the pipes were frozen and some were breaking. To make matters worse, there was another storm approaching on Friday, the second day of the fieldtrip. Well, the trip was cancelled. They decided to go on Thursday and drive along the river to see the water cycle up to Auburn, the conflunce or something?, and just not drive the final leg of the trip, but to come home the same day. According to Faith it was not very fun because they didn't get to sleep in cabins. SORRY FAITH!! The good thing about Mission Avenue School is that there is always another fieldtrip!!

Speaking of the kids school, just to give you an idea of the fun times there...on the same day as Faith's fieldtrip, Vilate had her French Cafe. The kids all dress up in red, black and white and the parents play restaurant for the kids. They come up in groups of 2 and 3 and are seated by a Maitre'd and are served crossiants, grapes, yogurt, sparkling cider and for dessert, chocolate eiffle towers!! The kids all wear berets, that I made this year (80 of them!! it was a crazy 20 hour job) and they are sooooo cute!!

The same day as these other great events Hyrum had the dentist come to his school. She told them all about teeth brushing. It is amazing that no matter how many times I tell the kids that you don't need much toothpaste to get the job done they don't listen. But then a dentist comes to school and suddenly Hyrum comes to me and says, "Mom, you know that toothpaste is not the most important part of brushing your teeth. The brushing part is and if you have too much toothpaste, the brushing doesn't work so good!" Thank goodness for the dentist!!

I love the kids school, but it is so much work. On top of the 80 berets I made, I also spent 2 hours this last week working on bookorders and grading homework for 3rd grade, an hour on 2nd grades reading charts and at least an hour on phone calls for the school carnival!! Sometimes it seems as though that school is over running my life!! I have learned over the past 4 years how to say NO much better and I will continue to practice that word!!!

Well, it is getting late, 12:05am and my poor cold and tired husband has not made it home from work yet. He had to ride his bike home. He is the utility clerk this week at work and it keeps him crazy busy. He has gotten off late every night and tonight I felt bad, but he has to ride home!! Poor boy!! I better make sure his dessert is ready for him!! Here he is...gotta go!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Adding to the craziness!!

Well evidently I don't have enough to do. I have just decided to register for school. Some people, okay many people might just think that I have lost my mind!!! They just might be right!! We shall see.

I have been really busy these days with the kids and David's schedule. I am so glad that drama class is only one more week. It has been a great experience for Faith and Hyrum, but it is taking a lot of time.

Hey, guess what? Yesterday at drama their teacher, Mr. Alexander came up to me and paid Hyrum the best compliment. He, Mr. Alexander, works for a theater company here in town, called the B Street Theater. He said that they were casting now for A Christmas Story, the "You'll shoot your eye out" movie. He said that they had discussed having a child play the main role and that Hyrum would be perfect...only one problem, he would have to drop out of school for two months!! BUMMER!! Mr. Alexander said that Hyrum and Faith were wonderful actors, very dramatic....hmmm.....wonder where that came from...... Well, the theater company has decided that they cannot really have a kid play the role, something about legalities of kids needing to be in school or something ridiculous like that. But, what a cool thing to hear about my kid!!