Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The fun never ends!!

As if this week wasn't busy enough Helaman decided to jump off his bed and landed on the floor on his arm on Monday evening. Tuesday I went to my speech class and then took my biology test and left early so that I could take him to the doctor. The verdict: it's not broken , just sprained. He has to wear a splint for 3 days and then just use it cautiously. Good times! The doc said that it will take up to 2 weeks to fully heal.

I did take my biology test and I think that I did okay on it. The grades aren't posted yet, but I felt like I knew most of the answers. There were 3 fill in ones that I just left blank, so the best I could get would be a 94/100. We shall see.

My speech is written for class tomorrow and tonight I practiced with Faith and Hyrum. Faith thought it was hilarious to pretend that my speech was putting her to sleep. Hyrum was a great kid and totally stuck up for my by saying, "Faith, that is really mean to tell Mom that it is the most boring thing you have ever heard." What a good boy! I'm sure it was reallying boring, especially to them!

That has been our latest adventure. Now let's see what happens tomorrow....

Monday, March 9, 2009


Today is the beginning of a very busy week. I swap babysitting with a friend so that I can go to school and she can work as a substitute for the school district. Today I am watching 2 of her kids and I am also watching another friends 2 kids. So right now I have 7 kids here under 5 years old. It is crazy and chaos. The girls are sooo dramatic and are all about, "you're not my friend now." Oh my goodness...this is ridiculous. Good thing they are all so cute!!

Tomorrow I have a biology test that I need to study for sometime today! Then on Thursday I have to give a speech which I still have to write and practice. We have baseball practice 4 days this week: Mon, Tues, Wed and Sat. I have a baby shower to go to on Saturday for my sister Traci. We have scouts on Wednesday. Then we have all the normal things that go along with running a household. I am so not complaining....just reporting on all the things going on this week. I am determined to not just get everything done, but do it all to the best of my ability.

I am also going to try to blog at least everyother day. I hope you all enjoy this week!!!