Sunday, April 6, 2008

Home Depot

On Friday Helaman's preschool class had a fieldtrip to Home Depot. That is one of my favorite fieldtrips. We got to the store around 9:45am and then took a quick tour. The kids thought that the forklifts were really cool. After the tour, we got to go to the back of the store and the kids got to build a napkin holder. The only bummer about it was that there were no hammers needed for this project!! I thought that there was no way that Helaman and Gloria could do this on their own and was a little disappointed, but then Helaman surprised me!! He grabbed the screwdriver and after I lined all the screws up, he told me he could do it all by himself. I thought that I would humor him and let him try. I held the napkin holder and he proceeded to screw in all four screws! He did a great job. Then it was onto Gloria's napkin holder. She wanted to do it all by herself also, but she did not quite get it, so Helaman helped her out. Together they did a fantastic job!!

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