Monday, August 25, 2008


This past weekend we brought the hampster home from 1st grade and Vilate had her hand in the cage and was petting it and had no problems when the other kids let it crawl on the floor!!! Then today I went in to the 1st grade classroom with just Vilate and Faith during Vilate's lunch. The bunny got out of the cage and Vilate did really well while it hopped around the classroom. She walked around the room and only jumped a little when it hopped near here. She refused to sit on the floor, but would sit on my lap. It was really encouraging!!

Then when I picked her up from school she told me that she pet the bunny again and that she even pet a big, black dog!!! AWESOME VILATE!!!!!!

Progress is being made!!!! I am going to go back to the classroom on Thursday, maybe before!! I am so pleased!!!

Bragging Rights

Let me just start off this post with a disclamer....if you hate to hear how other people's kids are doing in school...skip this post!!

Today in the mail I got Faith and Hyrum's STAR testing results. For those of you not familiar with STAR is the California Standards test that is administered from 2nd grade on. Last spring the kids took the tests...Faith was in 3rd grade and Hyrum was in 2nd grade.

I opened Hyrum's and he is advanced in both language arts and mathmatics!! WAY TO GO HYRUM!!!! He works pretty hard and always feels like he is not doing good enough so it was great to be able to tell him that he was advanced!! Then I opened up Faith's...she got a PERFECT score on the math and is in the advanced catagory for language arts! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for her!!! Of course, we only told them both that they did very well and were in the advanced catagories, that way they will know that we expect more of their work! Good job kids!!!