Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Poor Hyrum

Okay, so almost daily something has happened that I thought, "I should put that up on the blog." Then last Friday, something so horrific, so terrible, so tramatic (for me) that everything else is going to be left out!!

Last week was the all school play at the kids elementary school. "Rockmania" was a play that was written for school kids that included 9 rock-n-roll songs that the kids and teachers sung and danced to. Vilate was a singer all three nights in the "Lollipop" song that Kindergarten did. Faith had two songs. She sang one night in "Locamotion" and danced the other two nights and she sang a two line solo in "Dance to the Music." It was an awesome school play. There were over 200 kids in it. The play lasted a total of an hour and 15 minutes. All kids were able to be seen and participate and there were different singers every night. If the kids weren't singing in the mics they were dancing on stage and singing. They also had the kids in charge of the sets, with parent supervision. Hyrum helped with "Surfing in the USA" - the second graders song. It was amazing.

So, we got tickets for Wednesday night and went to see the show. Thursday night I dropped the girls off and at about 7:15 pm, I had all the other kids in bed, except for Nephi. I had just sat down to nurse the baby and veg with the TV on, when the phone rang. It was Marty Monroe, another mom at Mission. She told me that Vilate had fallen off the stage and had hurt her knee. She offered to have Carmen Kirkpatrick, yet another Mission mom, bring her home, or I could go and pick her up. I figured that if she was offering the ride, it couldn't be that bad. Vilate got home and it turns out that a boy stepped on the ties of her ballet slippers as they were walking out onto the stage and she tripped. She ended up bumping her knee, the one that she scraped when she fell off her bike the previous Friday. She reopened the scrape and the blood was the reason for the freak out on her part.

Okay, so then Friday came. It was the last night of the show and as such after the show was scheduled the cast party. Because Hyrum had worked on the sets, he was invited to attend. Since Vilate had fallen off the stage the night before, I decided that I should probably be there in case of any other accidents. I left Helaman and Gloria home with Susie, the most awesome babysitter!! We got to the show and because I didn't purchase tickets, I just stood in the back for the two opening numbers, Vilate and Faith's songs. After that I went out to the back playground with Nephi and Hyrum and most of the third graders. Hyrum's friend Gavin, from second grade joined us. Nephi was playing on the ground just crawling around and all of a sudden, after being outside for less than 10 minutes, I heard Hyrum screaming my name and looked over. He came running at me with a terrified look on his face. I looked down and his right arm was disfigured. I looked as though he had a second wrist about an inch or two above his wrist. I turned to the mom with me and said, in what I think was a calm voice, that I was going to need some help.

It seemed that I stood there on the blacktop with Hyrum for an hour, but I am sure that it was only 2 minutes, maybe even less. I picked him up and screamed for Faith to get the baby, I was now in panic mode. I ran to the third grade classroom while screaming that I needed someone to help us. I put Hyrum in the nearest chair and was told by the parents that someone had gone to get Dr. Laurie Givant, another Mission mom who just happened to be there that night. Laurie came and while she was assessing Hyrum I called David at work to tell him what the plan was. He was to go home and stay with the little kids, I was taking Hyrum and Nephi to the ER and the girls would get a ride home from a friend.

After the doctor splinted Hyrum's arm we went to the ER. After x-rays and a few hours of waiting in pain, the doctor finally came in and said that they would have to "reduce" or set his arm. They offered to "knock him out" to which Hyrum responded, "What? You're gonna hit me?!?!?" or to give him a shot in his arm to numb it. Hyrum went for the shot and after they administered it and gave him some Tylenol w/Codine, they started the settting process. It turned out that they had to set it two separate times that night. We finally got home around 12:30am and had an appointment to return on Monday to Orthopedics to get the cast.

I felt so bad for Hyrum and we got donuts for breakfast Saturday morning, then he got a balloon, and I bought him pizza for dinner. On Sunday he stayed home from church. David went for Sacrament meeting and then I went to teach Relief Society. So, Monday morning we were back at the doctors. The story just gets better here!

The Orthopedic doctor looked at Hyrum's ER x-rays and said that his arm was not set right and that he would have to re-set it. Oh, NO!!!! So after the first 3 tries with x-rays in between, he determined that traction would help. So, we sat in traction for 30 mintues and then he was given a shot of Lidocane. (I'm sure that is misspelled, but it is like the stuff that they use in your mouth when you get a filling.) Then we tried 3 more time before it was finally "good enough." It was pure torture for Hyrum and it was not a picnic for me either. Now we have a green cast and a much more comfortable sling. He went to school yesterday and was very disappointed that he couldn't participate in PE at all. He claimed that he could do it all with just one hand! Poor kid!!!

We get to back to the doctor on Monday for more x-rays and hopefully no more settings!!

Well that's the highlight of the last couple of weeks. I so am hoping that we can have a few boring weeks!! I'm sure it will NEVER happen, but I can hope, right?


Katie said...

Poor Hyrum. He is one tough kid.
Poor Kaci, you are one tough mom.
His comment about him getting "knocked out" was my favorite.

MYHowderFamily said...

Sounds like you topped off the spring Mission madness this year. Poor Hyrum tell him hello for me and give him a hug, sure miss seeing your kids in primary. I'm glad to see the Musical was a success. It's nice to know more individuals had the chance to perform solos it sounds like someone finally figured out what was wrong with the system.

Josh and Michelle said...

Poor Hyrum. That is horrible. I dread the day that one of my kids gets hurt like that. You are so good. Josh dislocated a pinkie a while back and it looked so nasty I went a little fuzzy when I first saw it. I can just imagine that when it is a little kid with a funky arm I will be freaking out, passing out, throwing up, whatever. Good job handling it kaci.