Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday Season is OVER

I am so thrilled!! Birthday season is over for 3 1/2 months! From Christmas until the end of February at our house it is crazy!! We had Christmas, our family sealing, Helaman's birthday, David's birthday, Faith's birthday, our 10th anniversary, Valentine's day and my birthday. It has just been a little crazy! So now we get to just get back to our boring life....yeah right!!! Faith is now playing basketball 2 - 3 days a week and baseball season starts in just a few weeks. Then you add David's school and my school and the busy time of year at Mission Ave, the kids' school, and you have our boring life!!!

Faith started basketball 3 weeks ago. She is really enjoying it. The bummer? Her first practice - she broke her finger. 15 minutes into the first practice she went to catch the ball and it hit her pinkie just right and it caused a chip fracture. When I went to get her at the end of practice, she mentioned that it hurt and I just brushed it off as a jam, but when she got out of bed 2 hours later complaining of the pain, I looked at it. It was swollen twice the size of the other one and it was totally purple. I asked her if she told her coaches...she said, "No, I didn't want anyone to think that I was a wimp." After x-rays the next day, it was determined that it was indeed fractured and she had to miss her first game! She will play in the game this Thursday and she just can't wait.

Happy 9th Birthday Faith!!

Well, we just celebrated Faith's birthday this past week - her actual birthday was on Feb 10th. The kids had the week off of school for President's week and we had a slumber party for Faith. She had 4 friends come over and we had pizza and lots of junk food while we watched Harry Potter movies and the girls all BeDazzled homemade purses with Faith's new BeDazzler! They had a blast! I don't know exactly when they went to sleep. but I did go out into the living room at 2:30 am and reminded them that we were trying to sleep and that Dave had work and school the next day!

Then on Wednesday, I got up and went to get donuts and we spent the morning eating more junk food and watching more Harry Potter! At 1pm I loaded up the car with all the kids and drove everyone home! That afternoon was a little crabby at my house as everyone was sooooooooooooo tired!!

Happy 4th Birthday Helaman!!

Helaman turned 4 years old on January 15th! He sure loved opening presents...he got a ton of Thomas the Train toys. I really enjoyed birthday shopping for this kid. My other kids have never been into any one toy or line, but Helaman sure loves his Thomas! It was really fun to go to Toys-R-Us and Wal-Mart and just go to the Thomas sections.

At the end of the day we had Diet Caffene Free Dr. Pepper (Helaman's favorite drink) and chocolate cupcakes. Isn't he so cute!
2 days after Helaman's birthday I was at the store and I happened to see the exact drum set that Helaman had been begging us to get him and it was marked 50% off!! I immediately called David and we had the quickest conversation..."Dave, the drums are clearanced to $99." "What?!?! Buy 'em"

So, I bought them and then I came home and Helaman was soooo excited!! The other kids got home from school and were immediately really happy that Helaman had a birthday!!

Later that day we went with a friend of Helaman's to a great pizza place in Roseville (about 25 minutes east of our house). It is called John's Incredible Pizza and the best way to describe it is Chuck E. Cheese's on steroids!! It was really fun. They have a huge pizza buffet, fun kids games where you get tickets, and even some rollercoaster rides. Helaman was thrilled when he discovered that there was a mini-bowling alley in the place!!