Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Percy Jackson

Faith wanted to go to the movies for her birthday. She wanted to see the midnight premiere of Percy Jackson and take a friend with her. The tickets went on sale and there was no midnight premiere. She was bummed but decided to go to the Friday night showing. I talked her into taking Vilate and Hyrum along with her friend and she seemed to be okay with that. We told (via Facebook) friends that we were going and we ended up with a pretty large group from her school. It was cool. I spent the week leading up to the movie hunting for orange shirts at thrift stores and then silkscreening on the front and back of them. It was a big project - I ended up making 9 t-shirts! It was fun, but I was sure glad I didn't have to make a 10th one!

Here is a picture of Faith and Karrin waiting anxiously for the movie to start. Notice the cool shirts!! On the back they say Poseidan's Cabin.

The kids enjoyed the movie, but we spent the ENTIRE ride home discussing how it was a good movie, but they should not have called it Percy Jackson. Apparently my kids think "based on the book" should mean "follows the book to the letter." I tried to explain it, really I did - but they just didn't get it. So in the end they determined that it was an exciting movie and they really did like it, however they thought it should have stuck closer to the book or be renamed something else (no one gave me any suggestions).

She's 11!!!!!

HaPpY bIrThDaY fAiTh!!!!!!!

Faith turned 11 on February 10th. We had a great day. She went to school and took Twinkies to share with her class - her bonehead mom only bought 30 and there are 34 in the class!! What a total dork - but it all worked out, some kids were absent and others didn't want one. For dinner I made her favorite: Chicken Tetrazzini and then we had Turtle Pie for dessert. We only do parties on even years so this year was just a quiet affair at home.

Faith is amazing. She has such a strong testimony of the gospel and she knows who she is. She hates doing the wrong thing and has a hard time understanding why anyone would make bad choices. That doesn't mean she always makes the right ones, but she is pretty on her game. She loves to hang out with her friends and always wants to fix the "girl drama" that comes along with 9 girls hanging out together. She loves to help and has become quite the cook (mac & cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches) and kitchen cleaner. She loves to stay up late and watch TV with mom and dad. Faith is always willing to help with whatever I need her to do and smiles most of the time. She is an excellent student and loves going to school. I love this kid and hope she enjoyed her birthday and look forward to seeing her continue to grow up and mature. She is a huge bright spot in my life!!! Love ya kid!!!!