Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Moon

Okay so I am a Twilight fan. I wouldn't say I am a die-hard fan, but I do enjoy the escape that the books provide and I thought the story was good. I went to the premiere of Twilight and I had a group of girlfriends that were looking forward to the premiere of New Moon, so I had to go. I had chemo on Wednesday and then came home, ate dinner and headed over to my friend Kelsey's house for a Twilight showing and pre-New Moon party. It was really fun. Kelsey and Amber did a great job of decorating and Kelsey's husband Lance was really great about having all these crazy wannabe 13 year-old girls in his living room. It was great!!

The next night was the premiere. We got to the theater about 8:45-ish and the lines were awful. We actually were almost the last to be let into the lobby of the theater. Everyone else had to wait out side, and it sure was cold - we were really lucky!!

Around 10 they opened the theater and all but 2 of our group were there. We ate ice cream and nachos and loved visiting with each other until the movie started. I did leave the theater one more time to get hot cocoa.

It was a pretty good movie and I only fell asleep once for a few minutes, thanks to Dawn for waking me up!! I think hanging with the girls was so much fun that it kinda overshadowed the movie, but that's okay. A good time was had and I even got home before 3am!!

The next day the kids didn't have school so I didn't have to get up early and they even let me sleep in until 9am. So nice of them!

Apple Hill

We took the kids to Apple Hill a few weeks ago on a Saturday and had a BLAST! Apple Hill is a really beautiful place just about an hour east of us. It is a bunch of apple orchards and Christmas tree farms that have banded into their own little community. We haven't taken the kids there in years so we thought it might make for a fun day. Grandma and Grandpa Morgan joined us and we had a lot of fun. We started out by the pond and the kids ran on the grass - and up and down a really fun hill.

Nephi insisted on wearing his glasses for most of the day. It was quite amusing. We rode ponies, got faces painted and finished the day off with apple donuts, apple fritters, caramel apples and apple cider. The kids loved the pony rides. Poor Helaman refuses to eat anything apple related, so we just bought him some rolls. He missed out on so much. But as you can see, Hyrum and Vilate were thrilled with their caramel apples!! We had such a great time that I am really looking forward to going again next year. I think we have created a tradition!!

Playin Catch-up

Okay I am back. I am going to update this blog, but I really want to go in order so I have to start back a few weeks ago. The middle of November has been pretty busy for us. We enjoyed our day off in the middle of the week for Veteran's Day. The kids had to help me clean out the car and then after that they got to play outside for a few hours. It was really fun and they even convinced Dad to come and join the fun. We had rollerblades, skateboards, motorscooters, bikes and all the baseball stuff strewn about the lawn here and it was a BLAST!! Baseball was a big hit - no pun intended. David and the kids had a great time running the bases and getting people out!