Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vilate turns 8

We have another 8 year old in the house!! Today was Miss Vilate's birthday!! We started off the day with donuts then on to pick up friends, McDonald's for lunch, swimming at Del Norte and then home for spaghetti dinner and ice cream sundaes. It was a very full and fun day!!! Vilate is going to be baptized on July 9th (Friday) at the Stake Center at 6pm. We are so happy for her - she is super excited and spending this week practicing being a peacemaker - her primary teacher gave her that assignment and she is having a difficult time, but hasn't given up yet!!

Vilate is such a dynamic kid. She loves her friends and her brothers and sisters. She is passionate and while that has it's benefits, sometimes she goes a little overboard!! Vilate loves to take care of others and help them. Vilate loves school and dreams of being either a teacher or a rock star. She loves to play the guitar and piano. For Christmas she got a microphone and loves to sing into it through the amplifier just like she's on stage. She also uses her easel and old school papers to play classroom and she is always the teacher. The little kids love playing school with Vilate. Vilate has a tenderheart and always wants to fix things and help people to get along. She has an obedient spirit and likes to be the enforcer!!

As much as she sometimes drives me crazy - I love this kid with all of my heart and I am so SUPER grateful that she came into our family!! Love you Vilate - I hope you had the happiest of Birthdays today!!!!

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susi and adam said...

Vilate -- you are awesome!!! I love her... :) Happy Birthday! ( a little late i know)