Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Movin' along

Well I have successfully completed 15 rounds of chemo. So far I feel just fine. It will hit me in a day or two and I will be really, really tired. Other than that I should be just fine.

On Tuesday night Vilate, Helaman and Gloria completed a 6-week art class through Sutter Cancer Center. It was a magnificent class with wonderful instructors who, using art, opened the door for discussion on cancer. It was great for the kids and they are sad that it is over - but they loved showing us all their art projects.

While they went to their class, I had a class of my own. Nancy, my mom, came with me to most of the classes - in fact she just didn't come to the 1st one because I didn't think about it until after that first class. It was a group therapy class for people affected by cancer - either have/had it or are a caregiver. Mostly it was the parents of the children in the art class. At first I was not quite sure what I thought of it. As the class went on, I looked forward to it every week and I am really sad that it is over. They will start up another one in the fall - both art and the group therapy. This time it will be an art class for older kids. Vilate will be able to participate again and Faith and Hyrum will go as well. The little kids will be sad - but they will do another "little kid" class later in the fall.

We met great people. I feel like I made some good friends and I am grateful for technology - email, facebook and blogs - to be able to keep in contact with them. I wish them all the best in their challenges and adventures.

As for my foot - according to the doctor on Monday, the radiologist said that it is officially NOT broken. YAY!!! I was so glad to take that boot off. At the doctor I weighed my self with it on and then with it off - it weighed over 3 pounds!! Crazy!

Now I am boot-free and my foot is feeling good. I have horrible bruising on top of my foot and it is still very tender, but I can wear my flip-flops with no problem, so all's good!!

My doctor's appointment went well. I saw a different doctor as mine was called out on an emergency. This new doctor said he doesn't subscribe to the strict diet that my doctor does. He thinks that there is really not enough evidence that it makes that big of a difference. So now I am kind of torn. It doesn't help that I also have lost about 5 pounds in the last month and that is really dangerous. So, I am going to add in a few things, but not get too crazy. I will be also working harder at getting on the bike in my living room and exercising. I think moderation is the key. So that's what my plan is for now, let's see how good I can stick with it!!

I must say I am so excited that I get to have Dreyer's Strawberry Ice Cream again!!! Ohhhhhh I love it sooooo very much!!!!! I also got to go and get Leatherby's Peppermint Ice Cream and that was oh so de-lish!!!

Bye for now!!!


susi and adam said...

Glad to hear you have been feeling well and that you got to get rid of the boot! Hope we get to see you guys this summer at Mom's house! :)

The Browns said...
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The Browns said...

Well, we go out of town and things happen at home, what luck for me. Glad to hear that your foot is better and not brocken. Happy to hear the Nephi had a great birthday. I hope to see you on Sunday for fathers day, but I understand if you are going to your dad's ward. My thoughts andn prayers are always with you.