Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Doctor visit

I went into the doctor today and here's what happened:

Yesterday afternoon I started feeling some pain on my right side. This morning it was still there and a little worse. So, I called the advice line and they made me an appointment with my doc. I saw him and he looked over my last scan and poked and proded and has come to the conclusion that the cancer on my lower right rib is growing. He gave me more pain meds and has now referred me to get radiation again - this time on my side. As of my last scan the cancer spot there had been stable, but with the pain he thinks it is growing so that we should be proactive and radiate it.

Other than that I am feeling much better today. This round of chemo was hard to recover from. It's been one week and I am finally feeling pretty good. I do take some pretty heavy duty meds, but they are low doses so I don't feel so out of it.

I like all the people at the radiology place so it will be nice to see them again - not that I am looking forward to driving out there over and over again. But if they can get this thing under control I will be a much happier camper.


Barbara said...

Glad to see your positive attitude. You are such a trooper and fighter. Keep up the good work and good outlook. We will be seeing you soon. Call if you need me!
Love, Mom Cox

susi and adam said...

Never a dull moment.. right Kaci :) Keep on fighting!!!! We love you and pray for you every day! xoxoxo

Orange Peanut said...

You are in my prayers!