Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Boy who drives me crazy....

Today Nephi was a crazy man. I love this little boy - but he is oh so 3!! He spent most of the day begging us to take him to the "90 - 90 - 90 - 90 cent store" (99cent store) or demanding candy and soda. When he wasn't whining he was doing the silliest stuff. At one point he came up to me cupped my face in his sweet little hands, looked into my eyes and said, "Mommy, I am really proud of you." I responded, "For what." His response, "I - don't - knowwwww!" Followed by a giggle attack! It was sooo funny.

This little guy is more crazy than I remember my other two boys being. He hates to be told No and when someone tells him that he needs to wait a minute, his response is: "It's gonna take forever!! UGH!!" or "I NEVER get it!" Hilarious stuff that comes out of his mouth everyday makes me laugh and sometimes want to strangle him all the same time! I cannot imagine life without this handsome little boy in it!! Love you Nephi!!!

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