Friday, January 22, 2010

Week in Review

On MLK Jr. Day my parents invited all of us to the movies - and by all of us I mean 17 grandkids and 7 adults (9 if you count G'ma & G'pa). We ended up with 16 grandkids and 7 adults. We saw "Fantastic Mr. Fox." The kids seemed to really enjoy it - I had to leave about halfway through with Nephi. We walked the mall and had a good time seeing all the things you can see at the mall.
Tuesday Gloria started preschool again and had a marvelous day. I must say, as much as I love this little girl, it was so nice to not have her talking to me for those 3.5 hours. She has so much to say all the time!! She has gone all week and loved making new friends, playing "pet store," coloring pictures, writing letters and getting stickers for working hard.

Tuesday was David's birthday. He is now 41 years old!! To celebrate we went to a doctor's appointment and then out to Leatherby's with my parents. Leatherby's is one of our favorite places and it was nice to visit with my parents.

Wednesday I was back in chemo. It was only 3 hours and I got a really nice nap. Thursday was more of the same - but less time. Then on Thursday night we went to an Ancestor Dinner for Vilate. She has been studying our ancestry for the past few months and as the culminating event we went to see her class sing some songs and then we all ate some really yummy foods from different countries. Hyrum was at scouts and we left the 2 little ones home with Grandma Eve. It was a nice evening,

Today we took Gloria on a school fieldtrip to the pet store. Helaman, Nephi and our friend Lorelei went with us. The kids got to pet a lizard, see the fish, pet a hamster and guinea pig and see some dogs getting groomed. They all walked away with a frisbee and had a great time.

So, we had a pretty busy week. Tomorrow is the Polar Bear Plunge - a ward activity where crazy kids and some really whacky adults jump into the Welch's pool. It is very entertaining! My kids look forward to it and the older 4 will get into the pool with the promise of a hot tub when they are done!

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