Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Helaman!!

Well, it's official - Helaman doesn't have to sit in a car seat anymore and I think that is his favorite birthday present! For his birthday we opened his presents - we got him a remote controlled dunebuggy and the Disney movie "Pete's Dragon." - then sent him off to school with Ding-Dongs to share with his class. He spent the day before his birthday at Kaiser getting x-rays on his right arm. Apparently Hyrum sat on his arm and it was still bothering him the next morning so I took him in. It is not broken just a little sprain, so he had to wear that splint for a few days. Good times!!We lucked out that his birthday was on a Friday night. We invited his entire class (with 23 kids), his cousins and some great friends to meet us at the church and we had movie night. We watched "Sharkboy and Lavagirl" on the big screen (thanks to Russ and Bishop Smith) with hot dogs (thanks Duckers), popcorn (thanks Tina), and licorice. We had a GREAT turn out and the movie was a good choice for all ages. We finished off the night by singing Happy Birthday, opening presents and cleaning the building. Wow - what a mess popcorn makes!!! Not the best photograph, but it gives you an idea of how full the room was. It was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who helped and everyone who came.
Helaman is a great kid. I love that he will share anything - as long as it's his idea. He loves to make people laugh and is the king of silly stuff around here. Helaman is a great baseball player and has been asked this next season to play with the older kids due to his skill and love of the game. He is so excited to be in Kindergarten and reading real books. He hates putting away laundry and cleaning his room and usually tries to sneak playing his DS when he should be doing his chores. He has a sweet smile - love the dimples - and his hugs are the greatest. I love you Helaman and I hope you enjoyed your birthday!!


Tami said...

wow! looks like a rager! what a great idea for a party.

Barbara said...

What a fun party. Hapy Birthday Helaman. Hope you got our little card and gift. Also sounds like a great New Year's Ee. Here's hoping 2010 is great for all of you
Love,Gma Cox