Thursday, July 8, 2010


This is the new catch phrase at my house - CBL. It stands for "Come Back Later." Every night the older 4 kids ask if they can CBL. With summer and little kids in the house we still make everyone go to bed by 8pm. We try for 7:30, but we usually make it by 8. Nephi is accustomed to laying on the couch with Mom and/or Dad with all the lights out and a boring show on TV - boring meaning entertaining for us but boring for him such as NCIS, The Office, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc. For him to fall asleep he needs there to be no distractions - especially kids around.

So we send everyone to bed and once Nephi - and Gloria are sleeping they can usually CBL. I just think it's so silly that they have come up with a code word so Glo and Nephi don't know what they are up to. The older 3 came up with it and Helaman caught on really quick so he hopped on board. They usually CBL and stay up until around 10. I am in bed by then and some nights I know they push that time even later. David stays on top of them, but he tries to get to bed with me before 9. We are getting old and we get tired.

My kids are so funny and I love their little codes.

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