Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nephi turns 3...Yipee!!

Today was a great Saturday. It was Nephi's 3rd birthday and we started the day with a trip to the park. We invited friends and family to meet us at the park for a little party in the morning and it was delightful. I have pictures that I will upload, maybe tomorrow.

He loved playing and hitting the pinata. He sure got mad when his turn was over and had a really hard time waiting for the Transformer to be broken open. The kids all had a fabulous time. I really love doing simple parties like that at the park. The kids seem to all enjoy it, the adults get to visit, it's CHEAP, easy clean-up and I'm not dead tired at the end! It was a great party!!

Following Nephi's party we came home for lunch, cleaned the kids rooms, dropped Hyrum at another birthday party and headed over to yet another party. I'm telling you it was a party day!! The kids loved going down a waterslide and running around with their friends. I love all the end of school festivities, there are just so many and packing that many things in only a few days really tires me out - but it is worth it to visit with all my friends and watch my kids have a blast!!

Thanks to everyone who opened their homes to us. We have had a fantastic time!!

As for my foot - it is feeling much better. I don't believe that it is broken. The docs did say that they weren't 100% sure - the x-ray was of a spot where many bones overlap. David wants me to wear the boot for a while longer and see how I do. I have consented for now, but that thing weighs a ton and is hard to move around in. I go into the doctor on Monday for a "check-up" so that I can start round 15 of chemo on Tuesday. I don't expect to get really any news due to the fact that I haven't had any tests. Next week is busy with chemo and more parties/playdays - but thankfully it won't be anything like this past week was!! Today David finally had had enough driving around and bouncing from one thing to the next. I totally felt his pain as he asked me what else was on the schedule for today!! I am ready for the bouncing to stop and I am excited for a slow summer. I doubt it will really happen - but a momma can dream right?


Barbara said...

Happy Third birthday to Nephi Arlow! We love you! Hope you received our birthday card! See you all soon! Gma and Gpa Cox

Nancy said...

Nephi's party was fun and the park was fabulous too Kaci! Three years old - what a great age! Nephi is a 'big boy' now!!

It is a riot to watch Nephi when things don’t go quite the way he wants them to. He is so expressive - he rounds his cute little shoulders and does a sideways contortion thing with his little mouth as he begins to cry; all while he is looking at you with his big dark eyes. He is just so darn cute!! You gotta love him!
Even though I see him often, its just not enough! Love and hugs!
Grandma Morgan