Sunday, April 4, 2010

Still playin' catch-up

This past month has been filled with lots of stuff! We got a new couch - I love it. We set leprechaun traps and when the leprechauns came they left green snickerdoodles and green stamps on the kids faces and arms. It was a great "leprechaun's day" at our house. That week the girls were in a school play. It was a play that Faith was in over the summer last year called "Multiplication Nation." Vilate was type cast as a lackey that got into a fight - more than one parent commented that it was a part right up her alley!! On 2 of the 4 nights Faith played "Nova," the lovely assistant at the circus and as such had to sing a pretty difficult solo. The other 2 nights she played smaller parts and Vilate had other parts as well. It was a great play - really fun to watch, but I am super glad it's over as they were practicing between 3 and 6 days a week for the past 2 months!

The Saturday after the play performances was Opening Day at the baseball fields. We love Opening Day, but it sure was a long one this year. We got there at 7:30, after dropping the little ones off at a friend's house (thanks Sarah). Started with a pancake breakfast, headed over for one team's pictures then waited for the opening ceremony to begin. I got a great seat in the front and was able to see all the teams parade in and then hear Helaman say the Little League Pledge for the entire league. It was great. He memorized it and said it with feeling! After opening ceremonies we went on to the other team's picture and then off the first game. We picked up the little kids to go with us to the final game of the day and we were FINALLY done around 5:15. Long, but awesome day at the park. I love watching the kids play baseball!!!

Following that weekend I had another round of chemo and just spent the week going to games. We have up to 4 games per week and the older kids play 2 hour games while the younger ones play 1 hour games. It gets a little busy, but this is the kind of busy that I like.

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