Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Locks of Love

For a year Vilate and I have had a battle over her hair. It is long and gorgeous - if she would just brush it!! She hates spending the time on it and refuses to wear it in a ponytail, braid or anything that might look even slightly girlie. So, after spending over 30 minutes trying to brush it out on a Sunday morning, I laid down the law and told her she was getting it cut and donating it because I was done dealing with it. She was mad at first and cried, but then came around - especially when I told her that I would take her out after to get an ice cream cone!

So, here is her haircut/photo shoot:
During (please notice the smile):
Here's the after (She wanted to hold her hair in the picture):
Enjoying the spoils! Oh it was so hard to sit there and not eat any ice cream - especially when I had to walk up there with Vilate to pick out her's and I saw the Chocolate with Peanut Butter!! But I exercised total self-restraint and didn't have any!! Yay me!!
I think that she looks great. I think overall she likes it. She has no problem brushing it and I am so glad that I don't have to spend so much time and hurt her to brush her hair out.


susi and adam said...

So Cute!!! Tell Vilate I love it!

Tami said...

love the new do Vilate!

Christine said...

Love the new do! We did the same thing to Kelly last weekend. I was tired of the fight. It's just not worth it!!!

Jenny said...

we have the same battle, but abby already has short hair! I think vilate's hair is really cute and way to go on NO icecream.

Barbara said...

Love the haircut Vilate! Proud of you. Were you ale to donate it? And Kaci-what will power! I could not have turned down pistachio! That's my favorite. I will miss brushing her hair! But it will grow back!
Love, Gma Cox

Katie said...

I can't believe how grown up she looks and actually is!!!!

Sydney said...

So cute! It looks so good! And all the better she go t to donate! Way to go Vilate!

Trent and Amber said...

Oh my goodness, the new 'do is so cute!!