Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter with the Morgans

I know these posts are out of order, but I want to get them on here.

We had a great time last Friday night at my parents' house. We went for dinner with the family that lives nearby and then had an egg hunt for the kids. Th
e kids loved the candy and dinner was fantastic!! It was raining outside so we had to hold the hunt inside and we used the entire downstairs. I am pretty sure they found all the candy - with 17 kids looking I don't think they could have missed one!!!

After the egg hunt the kids nestled in with Grandma and Grandpa to watch "The Princess and The Frog." I sat on the stairs and got this picture -

I think I was able to get everyone except Abram. He's only 15 months and kept wondering in and out of the movie. We are also missing Natahlie, Skylar and Morgan - they all live out of state and weren't able to make it - we missed you guys!!

It was a great night. Thanks Dad and Nancy for hosting!!


Jenny said...

i love cousins!!! so fun.

Barbara said...

What a precious extended family picture and gathering. Your folks are amazing! It must have been a great movie-they all look so quiet and engaged! Wow