Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vilate turns 7

Vilate's 7th birthday was yesterday (Mon, June 22nd).  Last week on Wednesday, we took her with all our other kiddos and 2 of her friends to see the movie Madagascar 2 at the free movies (if you haven't heard of these google: Free Family Film Festival).  It was a lot of fun!!  The movie was hilarious and the kids really enjoyed it.  The kids sat really well for the move, that is except for Nephi - he make it half way through the movie before David had to take him out. Following the movie we stopped and got some lunch at a fantastic restaurant called McDonalds and took it home with us to eat on the lawn.  David and the kids played baseball after eating for a while and then it was time to return Reid and Jarrett to their homes.  Vilate was spoiled and got to go and hangout at Reid's house with his family and had a BLAST!!!  Thanks Tiffany!!

Then on her actual birthday David took her to Wal-mart to pickup her present.  She got a pink electric Razor scooter.  It took 18 hours to charge it so she got to ride it for the first time this morning and had a fantastic time!  After they picked up the scooter she wanted to go and buy her very own box of See's candy.  So, David took her there and she got to spend quite a bit of time makin
g sure that she got the right mix of treats for her collection.  She was so proud of herself.  Grandma Cox made a birthday cake for Vilate.  Last year Vilate ordered her very own cake.  She wanted a one-layer round cake that would be just for her - kind of like a baby's 1st cake.  She ate it like a baby's 1st birthday cake too!  She thought is was so funny to get her face all messy.  This year was no exception.  She got her cake, we sang, she blew out the candles, then licked them off, and then dug her pretty little face into that cake.  She LOVED it!!!  It was really fun.  I love that Vilate likes to be a kid and play and be silly.

A little about Vilate at this age:
Vilate loves to laugh.
Vilate is VERY opinionated and is determined that things be her way..
She loves to eat and trying new foods is a fun adventure for her.
She loves to play with her friends.
Her dream is to be a school teacher -- although she has mentioned that being a News Anchor Woman might be fun.
She loves to play baseball and is really good.
She is excited to start playing on a basketball team.
The swimsuit she chose this year is a boy's pair of swim trunks and rash guard that are black and have silver skulls on them.
She makes us laugh and smile daily.  Vilate also tests our patience, but we sure do love her and are so grateful that Heavenly Father sent this wonderful little girl to our family!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy ViLaTe!!!!


Tami said...

holy cow your kids are growing up! love the swimsuit...

Anonymous said...

I have memories of Vilate coming in to the kindergarten school area when Hyrum and my girls were in kindergarten! Of course the first time I met you Gloria was 3 weeks old.. Unbelievable how our kids have come so far!


Amy said...

you are such a fun mom!!