Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Nephi

Last Friday was Nephi's 2nd birthday. I cannot believe that my baby is already 2 years old! This year Faith, Hyrum and Vilate left on Nephi's birthday to go to Asthma Camp for the weekend so, when Nephi's present arrived in the mail on Wednesday, we opened it right up and let the kids all play. We got him a really cute Sesame Street Elmo's Kitchen. He absolutely loves to cook foods for us and collecting the money is a huge part of the fun!
On Friday we took the "big" kids to the drop off spot for Asthma Camp. Helaman got to go and spend the night with a friend and so that left me and David home with Nephi and Gloria. At around 6ish I started to feel like I was going stir crazy. I said to David that I wanted to go somewhere. David asked where and said that he would take me anywhere I wanted to go. With only 2 kids I thought that the mall might be do-able. We took Nephi and Glo over to Arden Faire Mall and visited the Disney store, ride the carousel and stop at our favorite chocolate shop. Nephi and Glo loved the mall. They had a marvelous time telling David and I all the things that they just HAD to buy at the Disney store. They ended up walking out with new swimsuits and that was it! We promised that if they put all the toys away we would take them on the carousel. They were sold! David took them on the horsies and they loved it! Then we finished the evening by getting a box of See's candy - to which Gloria let everyone in the mall know that she no longer liked chocolate - WHAT?!?!?! Bummer for her - great news for me! :)
I think Nephi had a great birthday and I sure loved that he was only 2 and not expecting anything. It sure makes birthday's easier the younger that the kid is turning!
A few things about Nephi at this age:
He loves to smile and laugh.
He loves to chew gum - really he does chew it!
He loves going ANYWHERE!
He likes to eat anything with sugar in it....the more the better.
Nephi loves friends and playing with other kids, although he is not always the best at sharing!
He hates sitting in his carseat.
His favorite dinner is parmesean cheese....he doesn't need the spaghetti or the sauce just the cheese! - Don't forget the spoon.
He loves to color.
His newest talent is screaming at everyone...sometimes for joy but most of the time just because he can!
I love this little boy soooo much and can't possibly imagine our family without him.
Happy Birthday Nephi!!!


Tami said...

ha! love the parmesan cheese! :) jake still scrapes his off the top of spaghetti and eats it plain.

Danielle said...

holly cow he is 2 already- feels like you were prego just a few months ago wowzers

happy birthday nephi

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaci,
Our family spent our first week of summer vacation in Boston. I was anxious to check your blog when we got home. I'm glad Nephi had a good birthday celebration and that some of the other kiddos are having fun at camp. I appreciate everything you are sharing about your experience right now. You have a wonderful sense of humor and are very genuine about your feelings. You are touching many people. Just know you are in our family's prayers. We are rooting for you all the way. Hope to see you this summer. Love, Tracy Parrott

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday Nephi!! We're celebrating Luke's birthday on Saturday. It's all about trains this year :)