Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Medical Info

I thought that you all might want an update on how things are going medically speaking. Yesterday we went to the Doctor before starting chemo. He had ordered an MRI of my brain. That test shows that there are small tumors in my brain. As I can recall there were only 4 or so, but David thinks there might have been more - but again they are small and as of right now they are not causing any trouble. Dr. Cen, my oncologist, has referred me over to a radiologist, Dr. Chen. Dr. Chen looked at my chart and said that I was too sick and there was no way that I could handle chemo and radiation simultaneously. Dr. Cen told him that he needed to see me in his office first and that I would most likely change his opinion. From the beginning Dr. Cen has said that I do not present sick enough to be at the stage that I am at. He seems to be impressed by this. Apparently he thinks that I can handle this and that my body is strong enough. I am inclined to agree. So, I have my first radiation consultation appointment on June 30th at 1:30 pm. I am not thrilled, but I am happy that they are taking this head-on. Dr. Cen only ordered the MRI because we requested it based on our reading and he felt like it was a good idea. I am certainly glad that he did. I have complete confidence that his feelings of agreement were our Father in Heaven's messenger, the Holy Ghost, letting the doctor know where to look. I've got good People (God and His Heavenly Helpers) on my side and with Them, I will beat this! Have a great day everyone. I know we will. Today's plans include a little bit of one-on-one time with Helaman getting him his new swimsuit, chemotherapy, a trip to the club to swim and a Cub Scout movie night at the church. A busy day ahead, but a very good busy! I am looking forward to it! Love to all of you!!!


Joanne said...

You are doing so great Kaci!! can't wait to see all of you in Yosemite. I have your blog post titled "happy" that you wrote several months back printed and posted on my fridge to remind me to always be grateful for what I have and to be HAPPY. You have become such an example to me. Thanks!

Christine said...

Kaci give them the old one-two punch and knock out this cancer! I know - horrible metaphor but that's about all this mommy brain can do. HUGS to you and prayers, too!

Amy said...

I throughly believe in heavenly helpers. Those that we love that have passed on are on the other side of the veil helping us fight our battles whatever they may be. I know your mom is there!! Keep strong!