Sunday, June 28, 2009

100th Post

I started this blog a few years ago because a great friend (yep, you Katie) suggested it.  I never thought that it would be used for what I use it for today.  To keep all of my friends and loved ones appraised of my health.  I never thought my health would be in such question.  I have always taken being a healthy person for granted.  Running, playing, going to the park, cleaning my house, even driving a car have just been functions that I performed everyday.  Now those things are treasures to me.  I haven't run anywhere in over a month.  I haven't driven a car in over a month.  I can't wait until I am healthy enough to do those little things.  Yes, even cleaning my house is something that I look forward to being able to do completely.... although, David really is better at it than I am and for that I am truly grateful!  

Things here are going well.  I have been tired - not sleepy, just fatigued.  Overall though I feel really good.  Standing in one place is really difficult, and walking makes me tired, so there is a lot of sitting go on around here.  David has been great at spring cleaning the kids rooms.  So far, the boys room is complete and the girls is next on the list.  He is much more structured than I am and that makes it much easier to clean out all the junk.  He also is not a fan of clutter and I am a clutter magnet.  So, we have been working together (him more physically than me) to get it all done.  Tomorrow we attack the girls room and then on to our own room.  This house will be spick and span before the week is out and I am thrilled!!!

I have been giving Dave some cooking lessons and he is quite the student.  He can now successfully cook my secret spaghetti sauce (it's not really a secret - just my own creation) and rice pudding as well as various other things that he already knew how to make.  I can't wait to teach him Chicken Parmesan - it's one of my favs.  I know some of you have asked for the recipe and I will post it when I can.

As for school, I did go to Sac State orientation and had a great time.  I am really excited about the prospect of school this next semester and am currently enrolled in 3 classes.  One is fully online, one is fully in class and one has 3 in class sessions and then the remainder are online.  Now the biggest set backs that I foresee are my chemo appointments (I have 2 rounds after school starts) and my hearing.  My major is Speech Pathology and hearing is an important aspect of teaching people speech.  Since I have begun chemo I have had a problem with my ears being plugged.  It kind of is like taking off in an airplane, or driving in the mountains, and not being able to "pop" your ears.  More an annoyance than anything, but I am hopeful that it will resolve itself after chemo is finished.  If not, then I am taking suggestions of what I should major in because, obviously, Speech Pathology would be out.

As for all else, things are great.  I know that the Lord loves me and that is what really matters.  Lately I have felt weak - in spirit.  I have felt sad and even angry at times.  BUT now I am feeling much better.  I know that "in the strength of the Lord I can do all things."  That is a plaque that I have on my entertainment center and I am so grateful to my mom for getting it for me.  My strength is not enough to carry me through this, but the great thing is that I don't have to rely on MY strength.  I am grateful for the knowledge that I have of this concept.  I am grateful for my ability to smile and be happy.  It is a blessing that I know my Father in Heaven has given me - an optimistic spirit, and I am truly grateful for it.  So, I will continue to smile and be happy.  I will continue to thank my Father for all the gifts that he has given to me --- and those gifts are numerous.  Most importantly I am grateful for a husband that loves me and that treats me as a Queen.  I only hope to be able to treat him the way he should be treated for eternity.  Love to you all!  Thanks for your prayers - they are a blessing to me and I can feel their power.


Barbara said...

So glad to read your latest news. You are one great daughter in law. Yes, I believe your optimism is a grat gift from HF. Keep up the positive attitude! Hope to see you soon!
Mom Cox

Meg & Ted. said...

I have a secret ingredient in my Spaghetti as well that has kept Meg and everyone else guessing too. We should trade secrets! Thanks for your inspiring comments. Look forward to seeing you guys at Yosemite!! -Ted