Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baseball starts with a bang!

March 28th was the opening day for our baseball league. We started off with a pancake breakfast. Because we knew that it was going to be a long day I enlisted the help of a friend to watch Gloria and Nephi during the opening ceremonies. Last year we took all the kids and it was crazy! We left our house around 7:30am, dropped off the kids and headed to the ballpark. The pancake breakfast was great!

Then it was time to line up with your team and then go onto the Senior's field. The kids all marched on with their teams and then sat for about 30 minutes with their teams while certain individuals were recognized and the first pitches were thrown. Then David headed off to his practice for The Garden and the kids and I headed over to get their team pictures done. As soon as pictures were done, we started over to the car, it was about 11am by this time and we were ready for a break. As we began the trek to the car I started to look for my keys...ummm....they weren't in my pocket. It was then that I remembered putting them into my purse and then hiding my purse behind the driver's side chair in my car...I didn't want to have to carry it around. The keys were locked in the car and David was about 30 minutes away! UGH!!!! The kids were really mad and Helaman was very scared. I have NEVER before locked my keys in the car. I started to laugh! Why not? Crying wasn't gonna help anyone. Lucky for me I had $20 in my pocket. We could have walked home, but had no keys to get in the house and Faith was on crutches, 1 mile on crutches didn't sound like a lot of fun to me, or her.

I called my friend Natasha and told her what was going on and asked her to drop off my kids at the ballpark when it was convenient for her. The kids and I watched multiple games and were even able to go and watch a friend's first T-Ball game. We had a good time, although if you ask the kids they might give you a different account. Natasha brought the kids by and then another friend, Tina, drove by and we started talking. She, being the greatest friend EVER, volunteered to drive out to David and pick up his keys so that I could get into my car.

Tina dropped her girls off with me (if you are keeping count - by this time I had 8 kids and was down to $10) and proceeded out to get the keys. The kids and I headed over to the snack shack and got snocones...really healthy lunch, I know! Tina got back at 2pm and I got the car and the kids and I dropped off Gloria at her friend's birthday party and headed home just in time to grab the equipment bags and go back to the ballpark and play our games. David met us back at the ballpark just in time for the first game! Then I took Faith to Michael's (craft store) to spend the money that was burning a hole in her pocket, and I made it back to the game to snap a few pictures then I had to go and drop off the present for Glo's friend and pick her up. We made it to the last game in record time, and it was fantastic! When the game ended, everyone was STARVING and we, once again, visited the snack shack for their really healthy delicious treats. Dinner consisted of hot dogs and nachos. Then it was FINALLY time to go home!!!

So, opening ceremonies turned into a entire day thing and, while I am glad that I don't EVER have to live that day over again, I really had a good time! We got home I threw the kids in the bath and sent everyone to bed! I needed a break!!!!!!

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