Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Adventures

Today, for the first time ever, we dyed easter eggs at my house. It was really fun and the kids had a marvelous time with some friends that came over. We ended up coloring over 4 dozen eggs.

My favorite kind was the tye-dye kit. It was really fun. The kids would put a few drops of the color gel on the egg and then use a plastic bag to spread it around and mix the colors together. It was really neat and it was more fun than just dipping their eggs into the cups.

Amazingly enough with 9 kids dying eggs we managed NO spills!! I was shocked and so was my friend, Kim, mom to the other 3 kids.

At one point we lost Nephi. We looked all over the house and found him actually under the kitchen table eating an egg that he had dropped on the floor, shell and all! He sure got angry when I tried to take the egg away to peel off the shell!

Helaman loved eating the eggs so much that he wouldn't even wait for the dye to dry before busting the egg open. Gloria was the funniest! She wanted to eat the eggs so I began to peel one for her and she said that she wanted to eat the outside part (the shell) because the inside was "too squishy to eat." David and I had a good laugh at that one! Once we explained that you were not supposed to eat the shell - and it really took a lot of convincing - she was willing to give the "squishy" part a try and she ended up liking it.

So, we have successfully completed the first egg dying adventure. When we were almost done Helaman said, "Mom this is really fun. Maybe we could do it again sometime?" Vilate or Faith (I can't remember which) responded with, "Yeah, next year!" I'm glad that it all went so well!

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Mark said...

We did marbelized eggs and they were really pretty! My girls only did 6, but they don't eat hard boiled eggs, so I didn't want to waste a dozen eggs for decoration!