Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Okay...so I am a little behind on my blogging...and everything else in my life!!

We went to Yosemite the last weekend in May with the Cox family. It is a family tradition. They have gone every year since David was a boy. This year we had a small group. There were Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Tami & Uncle Brent and their 2 boys (Jake and Danny), Aunt Joanne & Uncle Mark and their 3 boys (Dylan, Luke & Trygve) and then there was us.

We got there around lunchtime on Thursday and Vilate spent the first few minutes or was it hours in the car terrified because there were squirrels everywhere! After she got out of the car, she sat on this rock for the next four days whenever there were squirrels, pretty much the whole time!!!

Hyrum had a great time watching Dylan play video games. We brought some also, but I was the mean mom and wouldn't let the kids get them out of the car...my thinking was that we drove for hours to enjoy Yosemite, not to play video games.

Most of the time, this is the view that we had of Gloria...

We went to Mirror Lake. That was the first time that I have ever been to Mirror Lake. The kids and David go every year that we go, but I always have stayed back at the campsite and taken a nap with the baby. This year...I decided to go with them all. It was beautiful. The kids enjoyed playing in the water and I enjoyed sitting in my chair watching them!!

Nephi loved the water. He didn't mind that it was FREEZING! In fact, he kept putting his face in the water and trying to eat the mud. While it was kinda gross...it was really funny!

Vilate spent the entire time we were at the lake reconfiguring the way that the water flowed past this rock. She got her brothers and cousins to help her build dams and lakes. It was really cool. They figured out that if they made the water more shallow it would warm quickly and then they could enjoy the warm water!

Isn't Faith a babe?!?!? She had a great time trying new things. She climbed a rock and then was daring enough to walk from the rock to the beach in the cold water. The water was up to her neck!!

While at the lake, Gloria ended up with a butterfly on her back. We couldn't get it to leave. I caught it and then the cousins enjoyed passing it around.

On Saturday, we took the kids to Lower Yosemite Falls and we found a great place for us to rock hop and play in the water.

On the way back, Gloria insisted on pushing Vilate in the stroller. Surprisingly she did a great job!

We went into Yosemite Village and enjoyed learning about the indians and seeing the teepees.

Well, that was it. Here is my favorite picture...Half-Dome. I love seeing that mountain. I think that I love that I climbed it once, and will NEVER do it again!!

Yosemite is beautiful and I am so greatful to the Cox Family for this tradition that I married into! The kids are already talking about next year...in fact they started talking about our next trip to Yosemite on the ride home!!

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