Monday, May 19, 2008

He's Walking!!!

Nephi is having a fabulous time walking everywhere!! He can get up all on his own in the middle of the room and loves to carry his blanket down the hall. Ya know, I never tire of watching a kid take their first steps. David and I were talking about this the other day. Just because we have a bunch of kids, it still is miraculous to us and facinating when our youngest takes their first steps. Nephi is a cute little boy who loves to smile and laugh!! We are so glad he came to our family!!!


grant and josie said...

The excitement doesnt fade, I think i am just as excited for this baby as I was for elijah! i am so glad i found your blog, i can check in and see your kids growing even after we move away.
our url is

Katie said...

Yay!, I have read this many times , as I have been here many times hoping there would be something else here to read! When are you updating, silly girl.
Emma is not walking yet and is ,at this very moment, screaming at me. She is teething something fierce!
Your kids are so cute.