Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Vilate!!!

Vilate's 6th birthday came and went (June 22nd) with a big mess!! She was really interested in getting her own cake. She wanted a pink cake...pink? I know Vilate has been far from pink FOREVER. Red was her color of choice, but she has decided that pink is agood color for her! So, I made her her own cake that she could dig her face into...she thought it was cool that Nephi got to do that and now it is the request of every kid around here.

Another tradition that we started year before last is that Vilate gets a watermelon on her birthday. She loves watermelon and it is the season, so she was thrilled to eat her own watermelon. For some reason she is into eating with out hands...kinda weird. She does it to be funny...and of course we all laugh! How could we not?!?!

So then, two days later we had a birthday party for her. We had a water/ice cream party here at the apartment complex. We had some kid pools out, water balloons and lots of ice cream. My plans were a little upstaged by the little frogs jumping around. Literally, I mean frogs. The kids were having a marvelous time catching little frogs. I think that they caught at least 100 of them, probably more. The frogs were a hit!!

We ended up having about 35 kids ranging in age from 1 year old to 14 years old. The picture here is all the kids patiently waiting for the pinata. Pinatas are my kids' favorite part of a party, but it is David's least favorite. Too many chances for kids getting hurt!! So, David is very good at getting the kids to follow his rules and the kids did a great job following directions.

Vilate had a great time and loved all her gifts!! Happy birthday sweet girl!! We love you bunches!

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Danielle said...

oh my gosh that is too funny that she is into eating with ne hands totally something i could see dallen doing ( oh wait i do see him try)

huge birthday party wow you are a crazy woman