Sunday, March 23, 2008

14 inches

Last Thursday I went somewhere and did something pretty scary! I have had long hair for quite a while now. I really like long hair...I think it has something to do with the fact that my mother, bless her heart, always cut my hair short. Not really short, like pixie short, but short enough that I hated short hair. I understand that it looked better short because I have really thin, stringy hair and when it gets long, it looks kind we say unkempt? Okay, so I always wanted really long hair. Well, I have let it grow for a while now and David was kind of tired of my long straight hair...and I mean STRAIGHT hair!! It was heavy and the curl would not last very long in it so I would not spend much time on it and it ended up in a pony tail most days. So, I did it. I cut 14 inches of my long pretty hair off. The thing that gave me courage was the idea that I could help some kid that had no hair. Yes, I donated all 14 long inches to Locks of Love. So here it a picture of me with my new short, cute hair!! Just so you all know, it was also a selfish thing...I wanted a new haircut and I am cheap...I got it done for free, well, there was a tip involved. Also, Nephi had started to use my hair to help him stand up when we were sitting on the floor. Man, that really hurt!! Poor Nephi, I guess he will just have to start standing on his own!!


Tami said...

The hair looks so cute, Kaci! Way to be brave.

Katie said...

I love your hair! Looks good.
I cut my hair too, I few weeks ago. Not 14 inches, but about half that much.
I am all about free anything.

Barbara said...

Your hair looks soooooo cute! You will love it. Way to go-and help someone too.
Mama Cox