Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Break

Spring Break was this last week. The kids and I had a blast!! We went to lots of different parks. On Wednesday we went to Howe park. We took some friends with us and I ended up being there with 10 kids. For the first 45 minutes, or maybe it was an hour, I was the only adult. It was a little crazy!! Then a friend of mine showed up with her 3 kids. We were way outnumbered. My original goal was to have everyone play nicely together and stay away from the creek!! Well, as you can tell by the pictures...the creek thing did not go my way!! It started with Faith and her friend Karrin down at the creek and then slowly, one by one or maybe two by two the other kids joined in and within 20 minutes, they were all down there. Then I said, "Make sure you don't get your shoes wet." Not even 10 minutes later Faith had "accidently" stepped into the water and her shoe was all wet. She asked if she could take her shoes off and I made the brilliant declaration that shoes must stay on but that we could wash them when we got home...that was the end of any dry kids. Within 15 minutes, the kids were all in the water. I must say that I was glad that my kids went in the deepest and I have to publicly apologize to all the other parents!! The kids had a blast and I have decided that we will never go back to the park with the way too accesible creek!!!

The good thing was that Gloria did not go in the water and instead just hung out with me and Nephi most of the time. We had a lot of fun!! After the kids were thoroughly drenched, we went over to the pond on the other side of the park and the kids got to feed the ducks. They thought that was really cool!
Just to let you know, I did not lose any kids and no one was seriously wounded. Hyrum did get a monster splinter in his foot, but all kids were accounted for and in good spirits when we left!!

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