Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another Busy Week

Well, another busy week is done, and we are so thrilled!! Faith played in her first basketball game on Thursday. They skunked the other team, 22 - 1. It was so cool to see her out there, unfortunately none of my pictures turned out - better luck next week! When she first got out on the floor she was so terrified of the ball that she would duck when her teammates tried to pass the ball to her! It took the whole first half to warm up to the ball and realize that she would probably not break another finger, then she did a fantastic job. She caught the ball a few times and had a really fun time.

After that game we made a mad dash in two separate cars to get some McDonalds before we had to be at Vilate's Kindergarten play, "The Granny Awards." Vilate was...the Granny. We spent many, many nights learning lines and singing songs. The play was about the granny from Little Red Riding Hood hosting an awards show for the fairytale characters. During the entire play, the wolf was trying to steal an award. In the end he won the award for Best Villian. Vilate did a fantastic job and had a great time. She really looked the part, but hated that her hair had to be up in a bun. She did love the silver spray paint that we used on her hair and the fact that the water in the bathtub turned silver was an added bonus!!

I failed to mention my previous posts that we got a new car...well, new to us! It is a 12-passenger Dodge van. We LOVE it!!! It used to be a passenger vehicle for a commuting company, so all the seats are captain chairs. It is so cool that no kids have to sit next to each other!! For my birthday last week, David took the van and got a CD player installed. The kids are thrilled. The love to listen to Radio Disney, Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, The Beatles, and Hyrum's favorite - Elvis. Mom, he loves to hear how you have some of Elvis' scarves and that you got to go to his shows. He thinks that you are SO lucky!!!

On Saturday we took the kids outside to play. We live in a great apartment complex where we have a playground, similar to the ones at a public park, and a beautiful grassy hill where the kids can play catch and soccer. While we were out there, I was able to try out my new camera. Here are the latest pictures of Nephi and one of Helaman in his "I'm a cool baseball player" pose!!

Tonight Gloria was eating her ice cream drumstick and had the cutest milk mustache. We have the greatest nickname for her - she is The Gremlin. We just bought the movie and the kids all concur, she is out of control and totally a gremlin. If you will remember, Gremlins is a movie that came out in the 80s, I think, and there was a mogwai who was a super cute little bear-like creature, just small, like a stuffed animal. When Gizmo, the mogwai, got wet he multiplied. If you fed mogwais after midnight they became gremlins, these little green monsters that just loved to destroy. Gloria is not green, but she is a monster that loves to destroy just for the sake of a good time!! We truly mean the nickname as a term of endearment, but I often wonder what people must think when at the store, we all turn to eachother and say, "Where did the Gremlin go?" Then Gloria pops out and while laughing at herself, says, "Here I am!!" Oh well, I guess there are worse nicknames out there, anyone know of any?


Tami said...

Score with the new van! That's awesome. My kids like Elvis too - must run in the genes.

Katie said...

That is so awesome about the new Van.You guys needed that so much.
Nehphi is just another clone. He looks so much like the rest of the kids.
So cute!!!

Katie said...

I tagged you on my blog. Go check it out.