Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Very Quick Health Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that we discovered today that I can't take the new experimental drug. It would cause problems with my pain medicine and there is no other pain medication that they can give me. We are still optimistic and I am counting on your prayers, my body fighting and blessings from heaven to get us through this. I have confidence in the Lord that if it is his will, my life will be preserved. Please continue to pray that I might have a full recovery. Remember that He knows what is best for me, my husband, my kids, my parents (all of them) and all of my extended family and friends. My life is fully in His hands.

I am a lot disappointed, but I have to rely on my faith now and I will. I am so grateful for what I know and my faith in God. Thanks again for all your prayers - keep 'em comin'!!


Tami said...

Shoot! Sorry Kaci. No fun to get your hopes about something and then have them let down. Sounds like your doctor is vested in doing anything/everything he can to make you better. I have faith in that, and in Heavenly Father, and in you. All will be well.

Thinking of you.

Chelan said...

Kaci-I'm Cheryl Coatney's daughter Chelan and I've been following up on how you've been doing for a while. My mom has ALWAYS spoken so highly of you and when she told me about your latest trial I knew I needed to add you to my prayers. I just want you to know that more people than you might realize are praying for health and strength for you and your family.I think about you so often, and sometimes I kind of chuckle realizing that you really don't know who I am. I think we've met once when I was visiting Sacramento. Anyhow- I just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you and praying for you along with so many others who know you even better than me :-) I hope you have a Happy Halloween with your husband & adorable kids and perhaps get to indulge in some See's candy...which in my opinion is a direct gift from heaven in itself!! --Chelan Dixon

Eve said...

Hi, I'm one of Tami's friends. She keeps us updated every so often but I just wanted to let you know that I pray for your recovery and I will continue to do so.

Tiffiney said...

Hi Kaci. My son Michael was in Vilate's class last year and is remaining close to her this year even though they are in separate classes this time. I have been following your blog for over a year now and have been compelled to write several times, but unfortunately I have to say this is the first time I am writing. You have remained in my prayers daily, your family has remained in my prayers daily. Please let me know if there is something I can do to help you right now. We are here for you and your family....Tiffiney Vernon