Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grumpy - Grateful

Lately I haven't felt the best so I have been a little grumpy. I think it was Friday night that I looked at Gloria and Nephi and just felt a wave of gratitude wash over me. Yesterday was the school carnival. We went and again as I watched all of my kids playing the games or hangin' with their friends and my wonderful husband helping the 2 little ones (who aren't so little these days), I again felt that gratitude. So, rather than post all the goings on around here for the past few weeks, I decided that I wanted to post what I am grateful for. Here goes:
My loving Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ
My wonderful, loving, helpful husband
My beautiful, energetic children
My delightful and very helpful parents
My extended family and their prayers on my behalf
My friends and their concern for me
A warm home that fits us all
A soft bed to lay on when I feel crummy or am just ready for a good night sleep
A car that fits us all and gets us where we need to go
The bus for bringing David home from school some days
The gospel
The scriptures for teaching me of the Lord
The sun
The rain
The clouds
The beautiful trees and flowers
Having plenty of food and even more treats
Store bought sugar cookies with frosting - you know the ones
A good school for my kids to go to
The opportunity for me to go back to school
Hearing Aids
Being crafty
My camera
My health - I know I have cancer - but it could be worse
Pain medicine
VIP week in Kindergarten
Star week in 3rd grade
Kisses from my kids
The United States of America
The ability to read and write
My husband's beautiful voice
A clean house
Just for Kids (an organization that provides activities for families with cancer)
Sutter Cancer Center's CATS program
Panda Express (yummy spring rolls!!)
Chipotle (love their chicken tacos)
Sees Candy
Rollercoaster Rides
Animals (just not at my house)
Dates with my husband
Quiet times
Peaceful feelings
Happy thoughts
People that read my blog :)
People that make comments on my blog :)
A Dishwasher
Washers and Dryers for my clothes
Toilets that flush
Running water in my house
A place for my kids to play right outside
and the list goes on...

I hope you can take some time today or in the future to just think about what you're grateful for. I know that what I am grateful for far out weighs what I don't care for. Thinking about these things and writing them all down gives me a bit of perspective, kind of like a pro/con list. I have so many things to be grateful for.

I had blood work done today and it came back very close to the same as last time I got it done a month ago. Tomorrow I will meet with my doctor and find out exactly what that means - I am thinking that chemo is a no-go again. In fact, based on my very limited knowledge and understanding, I believe that I am no longer a chemo candidate. My bone marrow has become too suppressed. We shall find out tomorrow and I will pass on any news here.

Enjoy your Sabbath Day. Remember to be grateful. Tell whom you love that you love them and give hugs. All things considered I am doing well and I love my life. Have a happy day!


susi and adam said...

You are amazing! Thanks for being such a wonderful blessing! We continue to pray for you and yours always! Love the list! Love, Adam and Susi

Tami said...

We're grateful for you Kaci! and happy to see an update on the blog. as long as you keep posting - we'll keep commenting. :) We love you and continue to pray for you and the whole family.

Lisa P said...

I read all the time but never leave a message. My list of things I'm thankful for is long. You my friend are on that list. Love you!

Amy said...

thanks for that list! Sometimes its much easier to focus on the negative and forget the positive! I'm greatful that we are able to keep in touch even though we are living in different states! Kepp up the positive attitude!

Joanne said...

Thanks Kaci. You always give me perspective and I am grateful for that! You're always in our prayers!! Love you guys.

Barbara said...

What a fantastic list!! You are so thoughtful and positive. You are still and always--the best thing to ever happen to David. We are so grateful for YOU. Fasting and praying for a miracle-always!
Love, Mom Cox