Monday, August 9, 2010

HaPpY 10tH bIrThDaY hYrUm!!!

July 27th was Hyrum's 10th birthday! We celebrated the day by going to the California State Fair. We haven't gone to the fair in years - I think Faith and Hyrum were just toddlers the last time we went. We had a blast!! The kids got to ride whatever they wanted and the favorite was the slide. They were flying!!
After the fair we headed home ate a quick dinner and enjoyed eating Turtle Pie.
David then took Hyrum to the store and bought him his first pocket knife. He was given a $20 budget and ended up being able to buy 2 that were on sale and come under his budget! What a great shopper!!
Hyrum is awesome! I love his happiness. It is contagious. He loves the gospel and tries really hard to be obedient and do what's right. He loves baseball. He looks forward every week to going to Cub Scouts and participating with the other boys. He has recently caught the reading bug and I love seeing him read in his room at night. He loves to play video games - especially Pokemon on the DS and Mario on the Wii. He is a good kid and is learning how to be a better leader among his siblings. He loves to sword fight with Nephi and Helaman and come up with intricate games with all the kids together. I love you bunches Hyrum!! You are a great addition to our family and I can't imagine life without you in it!!!


Tami said...

Happy birthday Hyrum! you're a lucky boy to be part of such an awesome family.

Barbara said...

Ditto to all that your mom said about you Hyrum. We love your complete name! Gma and Gpa Cox