Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feb 7th - 13th

We just go from one busy week to the next around here. On the 7th I spoke in Stake Conference. In our church we have a lay ministry and everyone, or most everyone, gets the opportunity to speak in our Sunday meetings. Twice a year we have Stake Conference - a meeting on a Sunday for the 6 or 7 wards in the Stake. It is held on Saturday night from 7-8:30pm for the adults and then on Sunday morning from 10am - 12pm for the entire family. I was one of the 3 members of the stake asked to speak at the Sunday morning session. There were other speakers, but 3 of us are just congregational members. It was a wonderful experience and if you missed it, I do have a written copy I could send you if you are interested. It was on trials and how we deal with all the negative stuff that goes on around us.

On Sunday, David also made, or almost made his first batch of Rice Krispy treats. He was so cute, "That's all you do?" "Ummm....maybe you should stir..." I helped him out and we finished them up together. We are so very proud of him and his accomplishment!! :)

Monday I delivered our blankets and then I picked up my new hearing aid. For those who hadn't heard I lost one at Sac State - I set it in my lap in the car while using my Bluetooth and then got out of the car and didn't notice it was gone until we were half-way home. David went back at least twice and I went once to look for it, but alas - it was gone. So, I had to order a new one, thank goodness Kaiser covered it.

Tuesday I saw my doctor - no real change - he did decide to cut my dose of Etoposide in half and try that for a while. That was good - less toxins = less side effects. More about that later...

On Tuesday night we had Helaman's kindergarten play. He was an alligator and he did an awesome job!! The play was the best one I have seen all the kids seemed to know their lines and project really well. It was just his class so there were 23 kids in the play. It was great!! Helaman was a little disappointed because he wanted to be a snake not an alligator. His teacher couldn't figure out why - she gave him the part with the whistle and a few lines and thought he would be thrilled. We figured out his disappointment had to do with the costumes. To quote Helaman, "The snakes look like Rock Stars!" They had sequined vests. Funny boy!!

Wednesday Faith had a birthday - more later....
Wednesday I started chemo again.

Thursday I had chemo again.

Friday was the kids' Valentine's Day Parties. They all came home with bags full of Valentines and candy. I had to make a bag for Nephi so he would stop yelling at them to share. Poor kid felt left out. He was sad until he got his own bag.
Friday was also the Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie - more later....

Saturday the girls had play practice and it was mine and David's 12th anniversary. Thanks to Natasha who watched the kids so we could go out to dinner. We went to the Fat City restaurant in Old Sacramento. It was really nice and a fun night.

So that was the week. Busy, busy, busy. But good busy!! I will give more info on those special events. I will try to update that tomorrow...we shall see if that works out.

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robyn said...

Wow! More than busy! like crazy awesome exciting and fun busy! looking forward to the "more later"s.