Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Disney "Give a Day"

I really, really, really want to take my kids to Disneyland. When I was a kid we went with my mom a few weeks before she died and it is a great memory that I have. Then in following years my dad took us and we loved going! I remember visiting my cousins on those trips and going to the beach. The whole experience makes up a lot of my childhood memories. So, I want to at least once take my kids to Disneyland. They get to go when they're 8 with Grandma and Grandpa as well, but I want to take them! So I told David that I had heard about this promotion that Disney is doing - "Give a Day, Get a Day." As I looked into it I found a local organization that we could make blankets for and then we could get free tickets to Disneyland. You have to start at Disney's website and sign up there, so I signed up for us to all make a blanket for an organization located about 30 minutes from our home. Here are the kids making their blankets:
Helaman chose an army print for his blanket. I did help him with his. He was so happy when he was done. He was very proud of himself and earning his own ticket!

Vilate did her blanket by her self and was so pleased. I think I helped her with one or two but she did a great job.

Hyrum stayed up late one night to get his done. He did it with absolutely no parental help. It was great because it was something that I only had to show him once and he just sat down and got it done. That very rarely happens with this kid. He is brilliant, he just wants to do what he wants when he wants with no one telling him different and he really doesn't like being reminded that he needs to get something done. I think enjoyed making the blanket.

Faith also made her blanket in an evening. She loved doing it and kept bugging me to help with mine. She loves making things and helping others, so this was a great project for her.
I signed up Dave, myself, Faith, Hyrum, Vilate and Helaman; Gloria and Nephi weren't old enough. I also got my parents on board. They got their blankets made and they will be going with us. We bought a bunch of polar fleece (I spent close to $100) and then we spent the first weeks of February trimming them and tying them. It was so fun. The kids loved it.

We are planning taking our trip to Disneyland next week. We will drive down on the 11th, go to Disney on the 12th and head home on the 13th. A quick trip but we hope for good weather and great memories!!


Tami said...

DANG. i wish we still had our annual passes so we could meet up with you! SO FUN. it's less than an hour away from us. we will probably renew sometime before the end of the year. i absolutely LOVED taking our kids to Disneyland... too bad it's so quick - or else maybe we could meet up somewhere.

Amy said...

Have a great trip! ithink it is awesome that you are doing that with your kids!

Susi said...

Have fun!! That Disneyland give a day program was awesome!!! WE got ours done last month and we are going the end of October!! I am so excited!! :)