Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wax Museum

I've said it lots before, but the kids really do go to a great school. For a 5th grade history project the kids all had to research a "Famous Dead American" and write a paper on them, including a timeline and bibliography. There are 68 kids in 5th grade and they each had to choose a different American. Faith was so excited to learn about Elizabeth Blackwell - the first woman doctor.
She did a great job on her report and really enjoyed using the computer for research and then typing up her paper. After their reports are turned in the kids all portray their Famous Dead American in the Wax Museum. David snuck out during the Pinewood Derby and got to see the Museum. I stayed at the Pinewood Derby and got to tour the Museum the next morning. My parents were able to arrange their schedules to make it in the morning. Nephi even enjoyed it. It was amazing how 68 5th graders could hold so still and be so quiet.
The local news station even came! Here is the link:,Item,718520550.html.
Faith was so excited to be on TV!! The kids got to watch the video during school and thought it was very cool!

Faith made her own backdrop - she drew it and colored it in. I did go over her outline with a marker but she did the rest. I made her skirt and lab coat. It was fun for me and she sure looked great. We put her hair in a bun - which she thought was kinda fun, but had too many bobbie pins. It was a great project and the kids learned a lot.


Susi said...

I thought that was so cool!!! Faith..... you did an AWESOME job!!! Can't wait to see all of you guys in just a few weeks! :)

Barbara said...

Great job Faith and Mom. I watched the video. Maybe someday you will be a doctor!! See you soon