Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pinewood Derby

We had a great Pinewood Derby last week. The kids had a great time eating popcorn and the bake-sale treats. Here is a picture of them waiting on the "front lines" for the races to start!Nephi got a blue cupcake and you can see how much fun he had with it!! Vilate sure loved the bake-sale and moved right in to help with accepting payment from people and making change. She loves doing anything with money - who doesn't?
Hyrum's car is the black one with the pink sticker. He hadn't come up with a name before hand and so quickly named his car "The Unknown."
His car went really fast! He ended up winning for the Bear Den and came in 4th over all! It was especially great considering that 40 minutes before the race - 10 minutes before we were supposed to leave to go weigh in, one of our wheels got superglued to the car and wouldn't spin. David broke the wheel off and he and Hyrum worked on replacing it. Then we got to the weigh in and the car was over 0.3 ounces. Thanks to Mike Ducker for using his tools and removing those 0.3 ounces of wood just in time to meet the 6:30pm deadline!

Hyrum and Helaman were having a blast! They kept running around the cultural hall excited and running up to me saying, "Hyrum got 1st again!" I think he only came in 2nd in two of the races. It was really exciting. Below is the picture of the boys that won in the Bear Den. Pretty cool!!!

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Joanne said...

Ahhh...the pinewood derby :) Any tips...Dylan has his coming up. Grandpa is always good for some good racing strategies :). See you guys soon!