Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Best-est Day

Today was a great day!  We started the day doing chores around the house - really exciting, I know.  After we finished all the chores we loaded the kids up and headed over to my awesome parents' house to spend the afternoon.  The kids had a fabulous time swimming for HOURS!!  When we first got there David and I got the kids into their suits and then ditched 'em.  We left all the kids there with my parents and headed over to a wig shop.  I tried on only 4 wigs and found 2 that are totally opposite of each other but both fantastic!  See for yourself:

This one is more conservative and more like my natural hair.


This one is more fun and sassy.  I have always wanted to try red hair!  What do you think?  Which one do you like better??
After we got back to my parents' we did a photo shoot and my kids thought that it was awesome.  Then David and got our suits on and David joined the kiddos in the pool.  I am such a wimp and thought the water was way cold, so I just sat around the pool and took some fun pictures.  It is too hard to upload all of them here so if you want to see more pics of our fun day, go to and I will upload them there.

We left their house around 6:30, stopped at Wendy's and loaded up on their Dollar Menu.  The kids ate dinner and then went to bed.  It was such a fun day and now I am super tired - but it was sooooo worth it!  I need more days like this and we will have more over the last few weeks of summer.


Jenny said...

wow kaci you look greazt! And I must say...I like the sassy do. What do your kids think?

What a FUN day!

Tami said...

wow Kaci - you look AMAZING with the long red locks! that auburny color really suits you. Brent thinks so too. ROCK IT!!

and is it weird that i've always kind of coveted wigs because they actually hold their shape, you don't have to fuss over them as much, and you're hair always looks good...? Not to mention you can just take them off when it is 100 freakin degrees outside and it's HOT!

Trent and Amber said...

Oh my gosh Kaci! That red one is HOT! What a great look for you! I love it! :)

josie said...

ummm hello georgeous! The second one, no contest.

Amy n Ryan said...

so the first one is more you. However I lOVE the 2nd. SUPER HOT!!! kinda fun to be able to do different styles depending on your mood.