Friday, July 24, 2009

5 days down - 13 to go

I survived my first week of radiation with no side effects.  I am so excited that there is something that I am doing to fight this thing that isn't taking so much out of me...I just hope that it works!

This week has just flown by and I am kinda sad that summer is already more than half over.

Tonight we took Vilate to her basketball game and it was awesome!  She did a great job.  There is a boy on her team that is really a great player and he made most of the points for her team.  She was getting a little discouraged when all of a sudden she got the ball on a rebound and ran all the way down the court.  She made it to the basket for her team and looked at David.  He said, "shoot it!"  and she did.  She made it!  According to David it was the BEST play of the entire game.  And what was I doing while this amazing play was being made?  I was chasing Nephi - he had run onto the court and then to the other side of the gym and was screaming for me to hold him up so that he could drink from the water fountain.  Yup.  I missed it!  SO LAME!!  But regardless of my missing the shot, Vilate was so proud of herself.  It was way cool! 

The kids are now in bed and I am heading that direction myself.  Tomorrow we are planning to clean this messy place in which we live and then go swimming.  We have 2 birthdays next week in this house, so David and I will be getting things ready for that.  I am excited, I love to celebrate the kids' birthdays.  It gives me an opportunity to make sure that the kids know that they are special and important to us!  I love making them feel like a VIP.  

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