Thursday, January 8, 2009

Food Storage

I just found this site regarding food storage from a friend's site. I have only spent a little time on it, but I am excited. Food storage and emergency preparedness have been on my mind, and I'm sure everyone else's, for a while now. A few months ago for an enrichment evening we combined with another ward and learned quite a bit regarding water storage (which I knew NOTHING about), cooking with wheat (we had rocking cake, and did you know that you can use a coffee grinder to grind your wheat?), dry pack canning offered at our church's local cannery, and on acquiring and stocking up your food storage. It was very interesting and made me feel like it wasn't some HUGE monsterous mountain that I had to climb, but that I could do it on a regular basis and just slowly add a few things every week and within a few months to a year I would have quite a stock pile. So, with that said, check out the new site and see what you can learn there! I will be studying there!! Here you go:


Danielle said...

isn't that such a great site i love it

Tevan and Mari said...

Thanks for the site. I just got done canning 15 boxes of stuff!

Katie said...

Hey, can I have any info you have for canning and food storage, from you RS thing? It sounds cool. we are doing and food storage/ Emergency fair in a few months. anything that i don't have to hunt down would be AWESOME!