Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Helaman!!

Helaman turned 4 years old on January 15th! He sure loved opening presents...he got a ton of Thomas the Train toys. I really enjoyed birthday shopping for this kid. My other kids have never been into any one toy or line, but Helaman sure loves his Thomas! It was really fun to go to Toys-R-Us and Wal-Mart and just go to the Thomas sections.

At the end of the day we had Diet Caffene Free Dr. Pepper (Helaman's favorite drink) and chocolate cupcakes. Isn't he so cute!
2 days after Helaman's birthday I was at the store and I happened to see the exact drum set that Helaman had been begging us to get him and it was marked 50% off!! I immediately called David and we had the quickest conversation..."Dave, the drums are clearanced to $99." "What?!?! Buy 'em"

So, I bought them and then I came home and Helaman was soooo excited!! The other kids got home from school and were immediately really happy that Helaman had a birthday!!

Later that day we went with a friend of Helaman's to a great pizza place in Roseville (about 25 minutes east of our house). It is called John's Incredible Pizza and the best way to describe it is Chuck E. Cheese's on steroids!! It was really fun. They have a huge pizza buffet, fun kids games where you get tickets, and even some rollercoaster rides. Helaman was thrilled when he discovered that there was a mini-bowling alley in the place!!

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Tami said...

Ha! Drums! Now you can compete with your neighbors... Kaci you guys are so good to your kids. Tell them all Happy Birthday from us - you and Dave too! I'm excited for you guys to come out to Ken's wedding. Keep on with the updates...