Monday, August 18, 2008

Special Gloria

Last Thursday we were really looking forward to going to the Mission Avenue (kids' school) Back-to-school picnic, but while I was putting Gloria's hair up in a ponytail...I saw what every mother dreads....LICE!!! Gross!!!!

I did handle this outbreak much better, more grown-up, than I did when Faith got it when she was about the same age Gloria is now. Back then I screamed and ran across the room and while pointing at her yelled to David that "Faith has bugs in her hair! Gross!!" This time, I just said, "dang-it" and proceeded to break the news to the kids that we were not going to contaminate the entire population of Mission kids and we would be missing the picnic.

I called Dave at work and told him to bring home $40 in quarters and I loaded up the van and got the shampoo at Walmart. We spent the next 24 hours cleaning bedrooms, washing clothes, and searching through everyone's hair. Lucky for me...Gloria was the only one infected, what a special girl! I am sooooooo glad I put her hair up that day. This could have been terrible.

So, by Friday afternoon we were de-bugged and able to go to the 4th grade party at our friends house. I HATE bugs!!! I would not wish this on my WORST enemy...well, maybe my WORST one!!!


Katie said...

You are too funny!
I do feel lucky having just the boys and their short hair.
Just the thought of it makes me itch though.

Danielle said...

oh kaci i hate them too it is a horrible horrible thing when claira had it in kindergarten i went to the healthfood store and they told me to add a little bit of teatree oil to the kids shampoo it will help so that the bugs will not attach to the hair incase they are exposed to it again - so i bought a bottle of tea tree oil ( like 10 bucks) and just add a few drops to every new bottle of shampoo luckily we have never had it again