Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today was one of those days that I realized that my kids are only this age for a little while. I was sitting at the piano (no I am not great) messing around and all of a sudden I ended up having to share the piano bench with Gloria and Nephi. You see, they are budding musicians. Gloria was writing her own songs. Basically they were all the same, "__(insert name here)___ is great, because I love him/her." It was so cute and she made sure to sing it for everyone in the family and for Heavenly Father..that one was a little different, "I am a child of God, God is great, I love him." It was awesome. The entire time Nephi was playing his own accompaniment, which was fantastic for a one year old. It was so much fun!! Shortly after the songs were over, Helaman came in and asked me to scoot over. I told him if I did I would fall off and he seemed okay with that!! He wanted in on the piano action. It's days like this that I like being the mom!!


marychild said...

HI! I actually don't know a single thing about digital scrapbooking, but Dawn Valentine might. From the few things I have gathered, you need to buy a program (and a printer if you want high quality prints or 12x12 pages). I'm pretty sure that the initial investment is kinda pricey, but compared with the cost of scrapbooling supplies over the long haul, it is definitely economical! Plus, it's not nearly as time consuming as traditional scrapbooking. I really don't know anyone in my circle who has done that, but I read rave reviews about digital scrapbooking in my mag's. Send Dawn an e-mail and see what she says. Even if you don't scrapbook, you could just come hang out and work on some other craft!

marychild said...

I like your blog title, and now I don't feel as bad about all those times I've called you "crazy"!!!

tylersgirl said...

You need a bigger bench. Your kids are so cute. I am sad I didn't know about the baptism. Don't let me miss another one.