Friday, October 19, 2007


Can you tell that I like the word crazy? Man, I did not know how much I use it!!! Kinda funny! Well, tomorrow is the big day for Faith and Hyrum. They have their performance!! They are so excited and can't wait! I am really glad that it is not supposed to rain. We just found out that they are performing outside!

I went to my first class at ARC. I am not sure yet if I will be added, the teacher will let us know on Sunday. I was fun to be there. I really enjoyed being in a classroom that was full of adults. With no baby sounds, I was shocked by how quiet it was. Even at church there is always a baby around, but there were no babies in that room and you could hear a pin drop. I have to admit it was a little uncomfortable for me to be in such a quiet environment!! But, I am glad to be back on the road to a degree...even if I never use it, I am glad that I will have it!

Well, gotta go and take care of the kiddos!!

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Tami said...

That's awesome about school, Kaci. Keep it up! You deserve it - enjoy the quiet!